You go to a physical fitness center to work out your body, You go to school or study at home to work out your mind, but, where do you go to work out your spirit?

A Spiritual Gym!

DP1: The Dokimos Project

Dokimos Project

The Dokimos Project is an intense spiritual workout for marketplace influencers that will help you discover your unique identity in Christ, journey of hope, divine assignment, and you will be commissioned to advance God's Kingdom in your sphere of influence. It's targeted for those in the marketplace but open to all! It's about gaining a healed view of God, a healed view of self, and a healed view of others.


Join a growing number of marketplace ministers who are equipped and commissioned in their unique identity in Christ, gifting, journey of inner healing and calling to bring hope to all spheres of influence.

Experience authentic community get answers to the big questions in life

  • Who am I uniquely?

  • How can I hear God's voice and sense His presence?

  • Where can I put my God-given gifts to use?

  • How can I gain freedom from the hurts in my life?

  • What is God's divine plan for my life specifically and uniquely?

  • How do I apply the Bible to my life in these changing times?

  • Who can I partner with once I have answers to these questions?

  • How do I apply all of this to my situation at work and home?

The Spiritual Gym Playbook

Launching Spiritual Gyms in businesses, churches and neighborhoods is "The Dokimos Project."

Dokimos is a Greek word that means, "Integrity that passes rigorous inspection." Dokimos is one of the seven characteristics of the Kingdom of God found in Romans 14:17-18!

Dokimos Project

The Spiritual Gym Playbook and online training videos contain over 12 group exercises, resource materials, personal coursework and step by step instructions for starting, participating and leading a Spiritual Gym.

Gym Leader Resources:

Hardcopy book: Click Here

Kindle version: Click Here

12 Session overview (PDF): Click Here

Create an account to watch the videos: Click Here

Our main curriculum is the Dokimos Project. There is no cost to participate but we do encourage donations so that we can cover our expenses. Once you decide to participate and make the commitment to complete the 12 session training, then you are given access to the training playbook, training videos, and our network of trainers. Because we are a non-profit organization, we rely on the donations of those who: believe in our mission, and those who have been through our training and want to "Pay it Forward" for others.

If you'd like to make a donation, please visit our donation page.

Meet the Authors

Larry & Lori Hill and the Dokimos Project team have a passion to see people commissioned in their God-given identity and calling.

Watch two brief samples from the 12 Session series