Jenene Stafford: Megamorphosis Magazine

Dokimos Graduate (2015) Jenene Stafford sensed the Lord calling her to start a new Christian magazine called Megamorphosis  ( It began as an online magazine, but recently switched to print with its first paper issue being released in April. The story of this project began a while ago, and it’s been led by God from the beginning. Jenene says, “God told me He wanted me to start the magazine two and a half or three years ago. I literally had Jesus show up in my office, and I saw Him in the spirit. I was in my home office when He appeared to me, and He had a gigantic diamond on His left hand. He raised the hand with the diamond and said, ‘look at this, Jenene. This is my bride, and I am asking you to take the assignment of displaying my bride through a magazine.’ The magazine is the story of the unveiling of the bride. The bride getting ready.”


Jenene gladly accepted the challenge, and she began producing the magazine online. After producing a few issues, she put the magazine aside for nine months to focus on other things. Recently, God began speaking to her again about the next step for this project, “The Lord just all of the sudden said it’s time to bring it back, and 8 weeks later we had the print version.” Transitioning from online to print was not an easy task. Jenene had to research different resources, software, etc, but she put in the work, and the Lord provided for her every step of the way. When Jenene was in need of someone who knew how to use Indesign, the software necessary for producing a magazine in print, God provided. One day, God spoke to her and told her to call Aaron, a web designer she had worked with in the past. She called him, and he was more than willing to help. They sat down and he trained her in one day for 8 hours. Aaron is now a part of a larger team that helps Jenene produce the magazine.   


Speaking of the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to produce a paper magazine, Jenene says, “It’s just a walk of faith, and God continues to bring me the people and the resources I need,” she continues, “the whole thing is a Holy Spirit journey. He sends me on a path of who to reach out to and who He wants in the magazine; it’s a complete, 100% day by day walk of faith in the story God wants to tell through the magazine.” When asked what readers can expect from Megamorphosis, Jenene responds, “The main hashtags for the magazine are #shareradicallove and #expectmiracles. That is the voice of the magazine. The Lord had said, ‘if my bride will share radical love, they can expect miracles.’ I want the Lord’s will to be done with the magazine. He prophetically tells me every issue what He wants to put out there. The goal is just to accomplish His will.”


The magazine is really well done and has excellent Kingdom stories and compelling graphics. To learn more visit A new issue is released every two months.